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More Auto Thrill Show News , and Photo's, Plus Article's about Paul Riddell, Tonny Petersen, Buzz Bundy,Jimmy Canton, Jimmie Lynch, Jack Kochman, Pete Groce, Bill Barnett, Crash Moreau, Freddie Fisher, Tim Chitwood, Rocky Fisher, Bobby Lynch, Jake Plumstead and many others. CLICK HERE TO SEE ADDITIONAL PHOTO'S AND ARTICLES www.stuntdriver1.com
Monday, March 12, 2007
2007 Touring Season Current mood: hopeful
Here are some show dates where I will be helping.
(Once a Date is Confirmed I will post it.)
May 27th, Thompson International Speedway, Thompson CT. W/ Jim Crash Moreau's Thrill Masters Stunt Show, Team Danger and KSR Motorsports.
With threatning sky's and weather forcast, we still put on one hot show. The weather ended up being just fine for us Sunday night as we got the 2007 Eve of Destruction Under way. To start off the insane evening Jim " Crash" Moreau AKA the Maine Maniac, drove a rather nice low milaged Chrsyler Concorde , through an RV. Prior to the stunt I helped Crash set up which consisted of filling gasoline baggies and connecting the explosive charge to the battery. Once crash made it through the RV he did some stunt driving in the big Chrysler Automobile. After that Doug Danger came out on his fearless two wheel steed and did wide variety of wheelies. After he completed his wheelies he came down pit road where i jumped on the bike with him and we did a wheelie through Pit row. It was then time to Help Crash get ready for his Captain Explosion Dynamite Car and Fire Walk. We filled more Gas baggies, connected the charge and poured gas around the auto. We then put soaked layers of clothing on our vetrean stunt performer with 41 years of expirence before he climbed into the Buick. With a count down he blew himself up and came out of the car Ablaze running down the straight away, where two performers waited to put him out. Now came the commical part of the night as Lou ' The Rocket" Re came out to do King Kong Knievel in front of the wild crowd. Lou jumped smoothly clearing 6 lbs of bananna's . Once he came to a skidding stop, he through Nanners into the crowd, I helped the Big Ape Chuck some into the crowd. One of the Bannanna's Doug threw bounced off one of the fans head ( Opps , Bad Aim I guess) . After that portion of the show was done we watched the Demo derby and Trailer races. I also meet my first fan club compliments of Lou ( LOL Thanks Again Lou) All and all it was a great night I can not wait for Lebanon!
June 19th, Lebanon Valley Speedway, Lebanon Ny. With Jim "Crash" Moreau's ThrillMasters Stunt Show.
September 15th - Team Danger @ "The Monson Hillclimb" in Monson Mass.
September 16th - RI ( Exact Location TBD) Evel Knievel Pulmonary Fibrosis Fundraiser....And a possibility of me doing my first ever stunt.
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Monday, August 21, 2006
Tribute to Some of the Greatest Auto Hell Drivers Current mood: accomplished
Stunt performers
Jim 'Crash' Moreau, Tonny Petersen, Tim Chitwood,Chris Morena,"Wild"Bill Dominick,Wildman Al Sleep Sr, Rocky "Hardcore" Hauri,Jason Downs,Blake Austin,Mike Foster, Mike Lynch,Richard "Hillbilly" Sanders,Larry Rich,Aut Swenson,Barry Newman Kowalski,Bill Estes,Billy Little,Bill Horton, Bill Reed,Bill Siros,Bill Ward,Bill Zelasko,Billy E. Williams,Bob Connally,Bob Duffey,Bobby Chance,Bob Pleso, Bobby Boyea, Bobby Ore,Bobby Lynch,Bobby Siros,Bumps Willard,Buddy Young, Buddy Wagner, Buddy Toomey,Buddy McCammon,Cal Wrisley,Captian Frank Frakes,Chuck Fordson,Chuck Rush,Crash Sanders,Crash Cook, Crash Callahan,Dan Flennor,Danny Reed, Darlene Dickson, Dave Kozak,David 'Sucide' Siro's,Debbie Lawler" The flying angel", Derrick Riddell, Greg Riddell, Ashley riddell, Paul Riddell,Dick Bergh,Don Chadwick,Doug "Danger" Senecal,Louis " The Rocket" Re, Bubba Blackwell, Eddie Kidd,Big Ed Beckley,Evel Knievel, Robbie Knievel,Floyd Reed,Gary Wells, Roger Wells " Johnny Airtime', Jumping Jerry Jackson Jr,Harry Woolman,Harry "Lucky" Davis, Hippy Foster,Irish Horan,J.J. Steele,Janet Lee, Jason Mackey,Jim West, Jimmie Lynch, Jimmie Lynch Jr, Jimmy Canton, Jim " Thunderbolt" Curry, Jimmy " Daredevil" Washburn,John Hauri, Johnny " Crash-a-rama" Wisner,Joe Byrd, Joe Byars,John Anderson Jr, John " Thunder" Anderson, Joie Chitwood, Joie Chitwood Jr, Joie Chitwood 3rd,King Kovaz,Lawerance Legend,Lucky Teter, Lucky Lott, Lucky Thibeault,Mike Merriweather,Pete Chance, Patricia Jones,Pete Groce, Peter Svec, Jake" Plumper" Plumstead, Rocky Fisher,Ray Boyea, Reckless Rex,Rex Blackwell,Rebel Gates,Scott Riddell, Serge " the Flying Frenchmen" Beaulie, Spanky Spangler, Brian Carson,Snooks Wentzel, Stoney Roberts,Tim Chitwood, Toby Thibodeau, Tommy Pearson, Tommy Trouble McTague,Tricky Travelstead,Ward Beam, Wes Rankin, Yvonne ( pee wee) Lacosta, Lessard Brothers, Willam Twins
Announcers: Larry Rich, Charlie Belknap, Bob Conto, Mike Fish, Roy Coffman.
Stunt Clowns: Andy " Sparky The clown" Guerriero,Crash "O' dare" Moreau, Larry" SparkPlug" Rich, Larry Kramer, Ruth ( Dizzy ) Thomas, Toby " Ziggy" Thibodeau, Ron ' Koko' Hanly," Happy" Billy Jones,Jasper The clown
All of these performers, Clowns, announcers, owners, producers and personal are certanley role models of mine and I salute them for doing what they love in front of live auidences across the world. Doing what Sane men and women would not even think about doing. To all that may be passed rest in peace and for those still here keep the rubber side down!!!
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006
My Fav Stunt Links Current mood: creative
If your at all interested in seeing exactley what I want to do and why check out these sites:

Stunt World 1

Canadian Thrill Show Productions

Canada's Premier Entertainment Creators ...
Thrill Show Productions
Inc. continues to bring the best in motorsports ...


Monster spectacular

Chris Arel Motorsports


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Friday, February 15, 2008

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Hell Drivers - The frequently used term to describe, and the very popular title of, numerous automobile thrill-based productions performing at fairs and racetracks by various squads of stunt drivers since the 1930's. Earl "Lucky" Teter was the first to coin the phrase Hell Drivers, when began touring his show in 1934. Hell Drivers provided massive audiences with an always exciting show filled with precision driving and deliberate crashes.

Featured stunts included driving cars on two wheels, crashing through flaming barricades, and jumping an automobile ramp to ramp through mid air. For many years, Hell Drivers were used to demonstrate the dependability of a manufacturers automotive product. Major Hell Driver automotive sponsors have included Chevrolet, Dodge, Chrysler, Ford, AMC Nash, and Toyota.

Later thrill shows coining the phrase "Hell Drivers" were launched by such famous drivers and race promoters as Jack Kochman, John Francis "Irish" Horan, Danny Fleenor, and Joie Chitwood.
General Manager of Kochman's troupe was Bob Conto. Conto, a native of Malone, New York in the state's North Country was a former radio-television announcer whose staccato delivery kept pace with the 50-mile per hour events.

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